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About Sky 4 Office

Sky 4 Office is an international network of professionals providing services in various fields of architecture and design. Our members have extensive delivery experience on different scale projects in Europe and the Middle East. We won numerous global awards including American Architecture Prize, Civic Trust Prize and World Architecture Festival Awards (WAF), working on diverse variety of projects and winning competitions.

We have significant experience in various sectors including hospitality, residential, commercial, education, sport and culture. As an international network, we have a critical understanding of the cultural and demographic needs which is essential in architecture and design. Our projects reflect an interest in modern life style and a desire to connect our clients to the natural environment. We also undertake important R&D including social and cultural analysis which we use to create dynamic vibrant space that remains grounded and achievable within cost and delivery constraints.  

Working globally across sectors, we are based in Spain, UK, Qatar, UAE, Hungary and Serbia. We are offering our design and management services individually or as a team, depending on the project and the client’s necessities. We believe in multidisciplinary work and the contribution by every professional and we have a long history of successful collaboration. Our aim is to build a better and more compassionate world. 

Who we are...

Vladimir Savcic.jpg

Senior Architect / Project Development Manager



Professional with 15 years of EMEA experience in architecture, interior design, project development and site supervision.

Christian Nseir.jpg

Designer /

Creative Director



An experience of two decades playing with colours, type and image, focusing on print, screen and environmental design. 

Evelin Goltl.jpg

Export-import sales manager



Owner and Managing Director at Budapest-Barcelona Ltd, company selling design contract furniture from Spain and Italy.

Amedeo Miranda.jpg

Senior Architect /

Interior Designer



Responsible for the design and management  from early   stages to detail design and site supervision- specialized in Retail - Hotels and Office projects.

strava studio.jpg

3D visualizers



Architectural visualization team, dedicated to a 3D images and animation production.

Zorana Melovic 02.jpg

Senior Architect /

Design Manager



Sky 4 Office founder. Currently employed in Doha, Qatar and being just a moral support to the Sky 4 Office network.

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